For all patients on plans in which we are participating providers, your copay and/or deductible amount will be due at the time of service.  Our office will gladly file your insurance; however our relationship is with you and not your carrier.  The parent/guardian is financially responsible for all charges incurred in your child's care and treatment.  Payment for any amount not covered after insurance reimbursement is due upon receipt of your first statement.  Please consult with your insurance company member services department regarding your specific benefits and coverage.

If we do not accept your insurance or you do not have insurance, please review our Cash Pay policy.  Payment is expected at the time of service.

For further information please review our Financial Policy.

The following is helpful information about insurance and answers to some of our frequently asked insurance questions.


  • Always bring your insurance card to the office
  • Know your benefits and co-pay amount
  • Know your primary care physician (PCP)
  • Know the effective date of the current policy  


Q: Can my child be seen without an insurance card?

A: For new patients or patients whose insurance has changed, we require that you bring your child insurance card.  If we can not verify your insurance benefits you will be required to pay our cash prices for your visit.  Your money will be refunded once the insurance company has been billed and payment received.  Existing patients whose insurance coverage has been verified are not required to bring their insurance card to each visit.  If your child is seen on a Saturday or any holiday that your insurance carrier is not available to verify benefits, you may be required to sign a waiver accepting responsibility to pay for the visit if not covered.

Q: How do I know which child the balance is for?

A: We assign account numbers to each individual child.  There are no family accounts.  Each child will receive their own statement. 

Q: What is an Insurance Balance?

A: A visit that has been filed with your insurance company and is pending payment.

Q: What is COB?

A: COB stands for Coordination of Benefits. Most insurance companies send out a yearly questionnaire inquiring if you have any other insurance coverage.  They will not pay on any claims until the information requested is received.  If you fail to respond, the balance will become your responsibility.

Q: What is EOB?

A: EOB stands for Explanation of Benefits. An EOB provides necessary information about claim payment information and patient responsibility amounts. 

The following is a list of insurance companies that we accept.  It is not all inclusive.

If your insurance carrier is not listed above or if you have other questions, please call our office and request to speak with a billing specialist.


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